๐ŸงขFor Shillers

$XQT elevates the user experience on xQuest by unlocking a suite of enhanced functionalities and rewards for our dedicated shillers. Through the utility of $XQT, shillers can:

  • Increase Daily Quest Limits: Holders of $XQT can undertake more quests daily, amplifying their potential rewards and engagement with the platform.

  • Access New Forms of Incentives: Beyond standard rewards, $XQT opens doors to exclusive opportunities like re-staking for compound incentives and/or participation in game predictions, adding an exciting layer of interaction and potential winnings.

  • Engage in DAO Functions: $XQT grants its holders governance rights, allowing them to have a say in the platformโ€™s development, feature integrations, and more, truly democratizing the future direction of xQuest.

  • Participate in Revenue Sharing: By staking $XQT into the revenue pool, shillers can partake in the platform's success, earning a share of xQuestโ€™s generated revenue, fostering a community vested in and benefiting from the ecosystem's growth.

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